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La Maison De Beaute offer a wide range of massage in our professional Beauty Centre. Performed by a licensed massage therapist, massage therapy involves using different pressures, movements and techniques to manipulate muscles and other soft tissues in the body. With a goal of slowing down your nervous system, massage therapy can be used to release stress and tension, provide relief from symptom, heal injuries, support wellness and tone your body.


Feeling stressed? A Swedish Massage is the Classic go-to for major relaxation. Swedish Massage is typically a full-body massage that uses a gentle touch. It’s a good pick for people new to massages. “It can help calm your nervous system. Swedish Massage is also a good avenue for encouraging a relaxed emotional state of mind which can directly impact your muscles”, says Bodner.

Swedish Massage 60 min

360 AED

Swedish Massage 90 min

460 AED


Your muscles can get tight from repeated use – even from something less active like sitting driving or hunching over your laptop. “Deep Tissue Massage gets into your muscles and tendons to release that tightness”, Bodner says. It’s good for people with injuries, general muscle tightness and chronic muscle pain.

Deep Tissue Massage 60 min 

360 AED

Deep Tissue Massage 90 min 

460 AED


Including maintaining fluid levels and removing waste products from the body. Lymphatic massage uses a gentle touch to help lymphatic fluid flow more freely through the body. “Lymphatic massage is great for people with inflammation – including people with illnesses like arthritis, as well as people who have had mastectomie, which often involve removing the lymph nodes”, Bodner says.

Lymphatic Massage 60 min

360 AED

Lymphatic Massage 90 min 

460 AED


Prenatal Massage are great for helping mom-to- be relax and can help address the aches and pains of growing a baby. “Prenatal massages are wonderfulfor taking pressure off the hips and can help with swelling in the feet and legs”, Bodner says. “And when mom is relaxed and feeling well, the baby benefits, too”

Prenatal Massage 60 min 

360 AED

Prenatal Massage 90 min 

460 AED


Relax and unwind with our signature wellness massage – the ultimate balance of relaxation and focused attention to areas of minor soreness and tension using your desired pressure (light to medium). Your massage will also include a heated neck pillow and herbal infused hot towel foot wrap to nourish your feet and melt your stress away.

Vital Body Massage 60 min

360 AED

Vital Body Massage 90 min

460 AED


Aroma Stone Massage is a combination of aromatherapy massage with heat – realising stones. Hot basalt stones melt your tension away, aromatherapy oils relax and sooth you, massage leaves you rejuvenated. Massage with these smooth stones helps release tension, soothe aches and re-balance energy levels. The softening and nourishing effects of oil skin emerges soft as silk too.

 Aroma Stones Massage 60 min 

449 AED

Aroma Stones Massage 90 min 

579 AED


The Slimming Massage helps break down fat deposits, smoothens cellulite and redefines skin for reduced orange-peel effect and firm skin. This treatment makes your skin more elastic, which helps it becomes firmer and reduces wrinkles and saggy skin. The overall result is that you get younger- looking skin.

Slimming Massage 60 min

360 AED

Slimming Massage 90 min

460 AED


Madero Therapy is a therapy done with wooden massage rollers which are designed to help remove unwanted fat and water retention that cause the appearance of cellulite and removal of fat deposits together with other toxins.

Package of 5 sessions 

1600 AED

Package of 10 sessions 

2900 AED

Madero Therapy 50 min 

350 AED

Chair Massage 30 min

119 AED

Back Massage 30 min 

215 AED

Head & Shoulder Massage 30 min

215 AED

Foot Reflexology Massage 30 min

215 AED